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Concealed Rangehood 120 cm

Stainless steel Stainless steel

ASKO CC41227S Concealed Rangehood 120cm

The idea of slaving over a hot stove isn’t compatible with modern lifestyles where comfort and convenience are treasured. Fortunately, ASKO have been manufacturing progressive appliances for decades that keep pace with changing trends and household expectations. The 120cm ASKO CC41227S Concealed Rangehood is an example of versatile Scandinavian kitchen appliances that remove grease, heat and moisture while retaining stylish contemporary appeal.

The powerful ASKO CC41227S Rangehood extraction clears the air while remaining discreetly concealed under built-in cabinetry, facilitating an inviting and entertaining workspace even when cooking is in full swing. Concealed (Undermount) rangehoods are a great option for chefs who appreciate sleek kitchen design typical of minimalist Scandinavian ideals, and the impressive uptake of ASKO Concealed Rangehoods by Australian homeowners is transforming the way we cook. ASKO continues to lead by example; solely dedicated to design and manufacture of transformative kitchen and laundry appliances for every type of home.

ASKO CC41227S Concealed Rangehood features

Concealed rangehoods are synonymous with Scandinavian style that encourages seamless kitchen lines coupled with a convenient cooking. Culinary output shouldn’t be underestimated however, particularly when 120cm of ASKO Rangehood extraction power is on hand to provide comfort while cooling the kitchen even during hot Australian summers. ASKO products and appliances are the result of dedicated engineering and manufacturing processes that encourage long-lasting efficiency coupled with enduring good looks. ASKO CC41227S Concealed Rangehood features include:

·        Built-in construction that encourages spaciousness without sacrificing extraction power

·        Concentrated Edge Extraction courtesy of 270 W total motor power

·        4 independent speed settings for energy-efficient use

·        Boost function to rapidly clear the air of grease, smoke, heat and aromas

·        Clean air function that automatically extracts and cleans even while you are elsewhere

·        High definition display and control features that assist usability

Concealed rangehood advantages

Every ASKO product component has been created for optimum usability along with multifunctionality. From the hard-wearing metal and stainless-steel components, to easy-clean, dishwasher safe grease filters, the CC41227S has been developed with both form and function in mind. In 1950, the foundation for future ASKO products was established when Karl-Erik Andersson built his mother a superior washing machine utilising innovative improvements supported by highest quality construction materials, and ASKO dedication to perfection has been unwavering ever since.

The Scandinavian design ethics resonate with Australian home owners who also appreciate long-lasting appliances that complement modern design and décor trends. Products that withstand the harsh Scandinavian climate are equally at home in Australia, showcasing their ability to adapt and flourish in any weather extreme. For too long, Australians were reluctant to introduce progressive rangehoods into the kitchen, a situation that has fortunately changed thanks to ASKO advantages, including an astounding product range, appealing design features and the capacity to keep kitchens cool and clean even during heavy use. 

Contemporary cooking with interactive ASKO appliances

Concealed rangehoods, also called cupboard rangehoods and undermount rangehoods, are the perfect choice for people who prefer spaciousness. At 120cm wide, the ASKO CC41227S is perfect for serious cooks who enjoy commercial-style cooking and restaurant quality cuisine. ASKO products are compatible, functioning in symbiotic harmony, making the CC41227S an ideal counterpart for ASKO pyrolytic ovens, steam ovens, cooktops and more. There is no substitute for quality, and for people who require smart, compatible kitchen and cooking solutions, there really is no substitute for ASKO.

Home cooks are spoilt for choice with ASKO rangehood and appliance solutions that include environmentally conscious design principles. All ASKO components are made from pure, recyclable materials wherever possible to ensure sustainability along with longevity. The ASKO CC41227S Concealed Rangehood is constructed for long-term usability, facilitating home renovations and designs that last, while always performing at optimum quiet efficiency for an enjoyable and satisfying cooking experience every time.

Model name: CC41227S
Product area: Kitchen
Market: Domestic
Product group: Hood
Construction type: CC - Built in
Size: 116 cm


Construction & Performance

Housing: Varnished metal sheet
Number of filters: 2
Motor type: Inverter motor
Concentrated Edge Extraction
Airflow boost position: 820 m³/h
Filter material: Aluminium
Total power of the motors: 270 W

Use & Flexibility

Number of speed settings: 4
Boost function
Clean air function
Number of lights: 2
Lamp type: LED
Timer function

Interaction & Control

Control setting: Button control
Grease filter indicator

Design & Integration

Motor location: In rangehood
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 33 × 111,2 × 25,6 cm

Safety & Maintenance

Dishwasher safe grease filters


Technical data

Power of lights: 5 W
Connection rating: 280 W
Frequency: 0 Hz
Sound power/speed I: 46 dB(A)re 1 pW
Sound power/speed II: 63 dB(A)re 1 pW
Sound power/speed III: 67 dB(A)re 1 pW
Sound power/speed IV: 73 dB(A)re 1 pW


Product dimensions (HxWxD): 33 × 116 × 30 cm
Length electrical cord: 1200 mm

Logistic information

Product dimensions (HxWxD): 33 × 116 × 30 cm
Gross weight: 16,8 kg
Product code: 511984
EAN code: 3838942065552