ASKO - Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchen Inspiration

It always helps to see real customer kitchens and visualize design ideas for your own home. We welcome photos from our customers and are proud to display them here on our inspiration page.

We love to see ASKO Appliances in our customers' homes, so if you would like to share your kitchen with us, please email your pictures to

Lucy's Kitchen WA
Lucy - WA
Joanne's Kitchen WA 2
Joanne - WA
Marianne's kitchen - QLD
Marianne - QLD
Silvia QLD
Lyndal QLD
Linda's Kitchen - SA
Linda - SA
Bradley's Kitchen - VIC
Bradley - VIC
Bronagh's Kitchen - QLD
Bronagh - QLD
Rosey's Kitchen - QLD
Rosey - QLD
Gerry's Kitchen - WA
Gerry - WA
Lena's Kitchen - VIC
Lena - VIC
Diane's Kitchen - QLD
Diane - QLD
Rebecca's Kitchen - VIC
Rebecca - VIC
Megan's Kitchen - SA
Megan - SA
Daniela's Kitchen - VIC
Daniela - VIC
Anita's Kitchen - VIC
Anita - VIC
Stunning ASKO Kitchen Brighton Victoria photography by Mark Munro
Designed by ELC Architecture and Interior
ASKO in Brighton kitchen photography by Mark Munro
Designed by ELC Architecture and Interior
We've also collected a few of our own kitchen concepts to help you design a space that perfectly highlights your new ASKO Appliances.
Michael Drescher's ASKO kitchen
HIG1995AD in marble bechtop
Michael Drescher's kitchen with Pro Series
HI1983 Induction Cooktop CW4951 Rangeood
D5424WH Dishwasher in white kitchen and wooden benchtop
Pro Series Kitchen
Pro Series cooking
HG1145AD Panorama cooktop
Domino cooktops
Pro Series dishwasher
Dishwasher, oven, induction cooktop, rangehood
HG1664S Gas Cooktop on wooden benchtop
D5894SSXXL Dishwasher in white kitchen
Inside an ASKO Dishwasher
HG1984A sleek black Gas Cooktop
D5434SS Stainless Dishwasher in white kitchen
HI1683 Induction Cooktop on island bench
Fully Integrated Dishwasher
60cm Induction Cooktop
Dishwasher in island bench