ASKO - HI1995G Pro Series Induction Cooktop


Pro Series Induction Cooktop

ASKO HI1995G Pro Series Induction Cooktop

The seamless and sleek exterior of ASKO cooktops showcases the instant appeal of minimalist Scandinavian appliances. Further exploration will help you uncover tremendous cooking capacity and functionality previously unheard of, with the ASKO HI1995G Pro Series Induction Cooktop leading the way with Australian home owners.

How does the induction cooktop make life easier?

Juggling the needs of work, home and family is no small achievement, and any assistance is welcome. Progressive ASKO developers understand that lifestyles have changed, meal times at the table are no longer a mandatory commitment, and everyone is on the go with individual pursuits.

Appliance development needs to satisfy a lot of requirements, and ASKO is the answer. Our range of Pro Series Induction Cooktops will help you find the balance you and your household requires for good eating and healthy living. Induction cooking is creating a real stir in Australian kitchens for a lot of good reasons, and the HI1995G Cooktop is top of the class with features that include:

·        90cm wide cooktop for maximising kitchen output and versatility

·        Chef mode that makes complex cooking an effortless experience

·        Seamless black ceramic glass finish for showroom-clean appeal

·        Instant temperature control and 12 power levels

·        Auto pan detection and booster on all zones

·        Bridging zones to accommodate large cooking vessels

What makes induction cooktops the right choice?

ASKO product development is solutions based, with the aim of harnessing the best technology for energy savings and superior cooking results. Induction cooktops are a natural progression, being simple to master and easy to maintain while also saving on power bills.

Magnetic induction energy targets the cookware only. There is no latent energy or heat lost in transfer, as associated with gas flames or slow heating electric coils. The addition of instant heat control, adaptable cook surfaces and built-in cook programs means your induction cooktop is constantly saving you money.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so ASKO invites you to allow your taste buds to make the right appliance choice. Induction cooktops tick all the right boxes with home owners and developers who require progressive solutions for contemporary style living, along with families who appreciate the expanded culinary horizons that intelligent appliances offer.

Are induction cooktops energy efficient?

With induction cooking, the pot is the source of the heat instead of the element. When you turn on your ASKO HI1995G Induction Cooktop, the electric current generates a magnetic field (without heat) that induces the current into special induction cookware. As there is minimal loss of heat in the transfer of energy, a pot of water on an induction cooktop will come to a boil in almost half the time it would take using a traditional gas stove.

Almost 100% energy is transferred into heating the pot or other vessel, with rapid heating and cooling by fingertip control. Meals can be prepared fast without burning using tailored control features, while energy and time are both saved. ASKO are the multifunctional appliance specialists who offer budget-conscious innovations and the opportunity for restaurant quality meals prepared in the home kitchen.

How do I maintain my induction cooktop?

The smooth black ceramic surface is cleaned with a simple wipe using a soft cloth and mild detergent. As the cooktop surface doesn’t heat up, foodstuffs and spills are less likely to stick and stain. It’s advisable to wipe away any residue after every use to minimise potential for the appliance becoming tarnished or scratched.

Seamless manufacture without gaps or indents make maintenance of your ASKO Hi1995G Pro Series Induction Cooktop a breeze. In addition, ASKO appliance installation, service and repair can all be performed by fully trained ASKO personnel who will make sure you get the most out of your premium appliance.

Width: 904 mm
Number of cooking zones: 6
Number of Bridge Zones: 3
Surface material: Black ceramic glass
Individual timers: Six individual timers
Type of control: Touch control



Scratch resistant surface
Individual timers: Six individual timers
Touch control
Surface material: Black ceramic glass
12 Power levels and boost
Separate controls
Booster on all zones
Auto pan detection
Bridge zones
Pause function


6 Auto cooking programs
Chef function
Auto program for boiling
Auto program simmering
Auto program for frying
Auto program for grilling
Auto program wok
Auto program keeping warm


Easy Clean surface


Child safe control panel
Central switch off
Overheating switch off
Residual heat indicator
9 hours cooking limiter



Hob type: Induction hob
Available colour: Black ceramic glass
Width: 904 mm
Power (W): 11100 W
EAN code: 3838942353178
Product code: 10037


Dimensions of the product (W×H×D): 90,4 × 5 × 52,2 cm
Packaging height: 130 mm
Packaging width: 1060 mm
Packaging depth: 600 mm
Weight packaging: 2,2 kg
Gross weight: 18,5 kg

Zone performance

Cooking zones: 6 zones
Left front: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Middle front: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right front: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Left back: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Middle back: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected),
Right back: Ø 21×18 cm, 3,7 kW, 120 mm (Min pot size to be detected)

Technical information

Frequency: 50 Hz