ASKO - Cooktops Including Gas, Ceramic & Induction With Smart Features


Gas, ceramic, induction cooktops with smart features

In most kitchens, the cooktop sees a lot of action. Whether it’s sealing a steak or simmering a delicate sauce, this appliance can play a vital role in creating many great meals.

Cooktops have come a long way since ASKO first started producing kitchen goods. Throughout the decades, we have consistently designed outstanding appliances that look stunning and make quick and quality cooking a reality for our customers – and the cooktops we offer today are no exception.

These stovetops are designed to complement all other ASKO appliances, which means your selected model can perfectly match your rangehoodoven, and dishwasher. Create a contemporary kitchen that reflects the minimalist Scandinavian design and flawless functionality our brand is renowned for. 

Our Cooktop Ranges

With three leading technologies to choose from, ASKO’s range of cooktops offers freedom and flexibility for your cooking. Do you prefer the traditional gas flame? Or have the clean aesthetics and efficiency of induction and ceramic models captured your heart? Either way, there is a sleek and sophisticated ASKO cooktop to suit your taste and cooking style. 

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops provide an excellent and affordable cooking option for Australian families. People who enjoy the visual feedback and instant heat of the flame will almost certainly want to choose their stovetop from this range. These models provide a wide variety of layout options, so if your heart is set on a particular configuration, you are most likely to find it here. Our gas cooktops feature flame failure protection and easy-to-clean one-piece burners that are resistant to both heat and scratches. 

Induction Cooktops

If speed and energy efficiency are top priorities for you, an electric induction cooktop is your best choice. These models warm up virtually immediately after turning on and the heat can be adjusted instantly to create the precise culinary results you seek. Because induction cooktops create heat using a magnetic field, the stovetop itself doesn’t get hot, making it ultra-safe and extremely easy to clean. 

Ceramic Cooktops

For many people, the classic ceramic cooktop has always been the most aesthetically pleasing option. But apart from looking fantastic and giving you a fair amount of control over your cooking, this model is also known for being an affordable and easy-to-clean choice thanks to the flat ceramic glass surfaces.  

ASKO Cooktops

New appliances should establish form, function, and synchronicity with associated kitchen equipment. Seamless design is reliant on precise measurements and technical specifications, so thorough planning is advised, with an investigation of the ASKO Cooktop range an ideal starting point. The oven and cooktop are focal points in a well-designed kitchen, and choosing the right countertop layout is a renovation decision that can add real value to any home.

ASKO appliance developers understand the need for options, and have responded with cooktop solutions for every style of kitchen. The ASKO Cooktop range is an example of progressive appliance design, with revolutionary cooktops and heat sources proving extremely popular. ASKO cooking options expand to suit the kitchen layout, for example, by combining an induction (magnetic energy) hotplate with the gas volcano burner in one unit. Tradition plus technology equals synergy in an ASKO kitchen.

Cooktop choices for personalised cooking style

With dozens of colours, styles and configurations available, ASKO cooktop owners are spoilt for choice. Nevertheless, decisions should be guided by personal culinary preferences, the kitchen size, existing power supply and other considerations that will impact appeal and usability. Ceramic, gas and induction cooktops all have advantages that satisfy their fans, and cooktop versatility is one reason progressive kitchens are sleek, expansive and productive.

In many cases, the cooktop size is relative to the oven size, but cooktops are no longer always tied to the oven. It’s not unusual to site the cooktop on a different part of the benchtop or even on its own dedicated work-station. Experienced and novice chefs can create a kitchen that is easy to negotiate and easy on the eye. Cooking with gas, electricity, or magnetic energy has never been more diverse, and ASKO Cooktops have become the first choice in many Australian homes. Cooktop choices include:

Ceramic cooktops: For a sleek, inconspicuous and easy to clean cooktop, it’s hard to beat a ceramic model. These cooktops form an almost continuous countertop surface with linear flow, and spills can be easily wiped away. Modern ceramic cooktop elements are reliable and responsive, while also remaining illuminated during the cooling process.

Gas cooktops: A gas cooktop provides instant heat and visual feedback while adjusting the flame. Hotplate finishes include the unbeatable sheen of stainless steel, while durable burners are formed from long-lasting cast iron. Burners are configured for individual preference, with some cooktops easily accommodating larger pots and cooking vessels. The addition of an ASKO Fusion Volcano Wok Burner creates immense culinary potential that is only matched in the best commercial kitchens.

Induction cooktops: Using magnetic induction principles, the specially designed cookware becomes the element, cooking with even heat distribution. The cooktop remains safe to touch, although retaining its inherent power for instant heating or cooling of suitably magnetised pots or cooking vessels. The new technology introduces users to minutely adjustable temperature settings, safety advantages, consistency, ease of use and energy savings – all good reasons to consider an induction cooktop.

Find out more about our range of cooktops!

Quality appliances are only worth the investment if they stand the test of time. Built-in cooktops are no exception, and consumers expect many years of reliable service. Since foundation as a dedicated kitchen and laundry appliance manufacturer, ASKO has been unwavering in its ambition to create the best appliances, and consumers are catching on. Australian homes are increasingly showcasing innovative and adaptable ASKO appliances, including the famous cooktop range. The full range of features and functions is exhaustive, but here are just a few progressive applications of ASKO Cooktops:

·        Coordinate colour choices with a black, matte black, anthracite or stainless-steel cooktop

·        Seamlessly welded Scandinavian design features

·        Precision engineered flame ports for dramatically improved energy-efficiency

·        Scratch resistant surfaces and removable parts for easy maintenance

·        Residual heat indicators for additional safety

·        High-definition display and adaptable induction cooking controls

·        Bridge zones for creating larger or smaller cooking surfaces

·        Child safety features

ASKO cooktops perform functions previously unobtainable in regular kitchens. Flexible power and booster levels, auto cooking programs, individual element timers and a host of other innovations are just a few reasons ASKO stands out from the competition. ASKO designers and manufacturers are among the best in the world, and the state-of-the-art cooktop range is proof that customer satisfaction remains ASKOs number one priority. Exploring the ASKO cooktop range is the best start for any classy and progressive kitchen transformation.