ASKO - A perfect fit to your needs

A perfect fit to your needs

ASKO commercial machines fulfill professional users’ demands for user friendliness, quick programs, durability, good operating economy and environmental friendliness. 

They can be used for a wide range of customer groups:

Institutions & Offices

Institutions and Offices

Commercial products used in schools, retirement homes, pre-schools, offices and fire stations are products that are used many times a day and often by many different users.

Our commercial machines are therefore an ideal choice since they are robust, durable products that are extremely easy to use and understand.

They also fulfill all necessary hygiene and antibacteria demands with high temperatures in both the washer and dishwasher.

Salons & Leisure

Salons and Leisure
Hairdressers, salons & spas and sport & leisure facilities do a lot of laundry every day. Their laundry appliances must therefore be built to be used many times a day and for a long period of time.

That is why our machines are a good investment. Compared to a domestic machine our professional products have higher quality, a longer life and a high heat output that gives efficient programs with shorter cycle times.

They also give you flexibility with small exterior dimensions combined with a large internal capacity.

Cleaning companies

Cleaning companies
Demands on hygiene and careful cleaning are constantly increasing. Efficient floor cleaning calls for proper washing of the cleaning utensils.

It is important that the equipment used satisfies prevailing hygiene demands.

With our commercial washers you’ll have ideal programs to be used for cleaning mops and microfibre cleaning cloths.

Self-service laundries

Self-service laundries
Landlords, construction companies, universities and military bases have all realised the savings that can be made by providing tenants with a self-service laundry area instead of installing machines in each apartment.

Launderettes are another kind of self-service laundry area. Self-service laundries calls for durable machines that are easy to use and have quick yet efficient programs.

Health care

Health care
When it comes to hospital laundry hygiene, there’s no room for compromise. Providing clean towels or work clothes is an essential part of the health care being provided.

Our washers have programs that fulfill hygiene demands.

With their size in combination with a large capacity they are also easy to place in different settings. This gives you the flexibility to place a washer or dryer on each floor of a hospital or clinic.

Camping & Marinas

Camping and Marinas
In the summer time, everyone wants a free and easy life. Families leave their homes and pack the car and boat, and head out on holiday. However, they still require certain standards of service, often crucial when choosing a camp site, cabin village, youth hostel or guest harbour - they need to be able to wash and dry their laundry.

Our commercial machines are an ideal choice as they are built to be used many times a day, are user friendly and can be used by many different people.

Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels and Restaurants
For guests at hotel and restaurants spotless dishes are a must and therefore it is so important to have the right dishwasher. Particularly when there is a full complement of guests, delays are not acceptable and cleaning performance must be perfect.

ASKO’s commercial dishwashers have short program times, a two basket system and variable pump speed that ensures optimal cleaning result. The water pressure can be controlled, making it possible to effectively clean tall beer glasses in one wash cycle and small delicate glasses in another.

Marine & Offshore

Marine and Offshore
Our marine washers and dryers (we have both 230 V/60Hz and 440 V/60Hz without 0 potential models) have been sold to the marine industry for several years. We know that the life of laundry equipment on passenger ships, freighters and oil rigs can be tough with heavily soiled laundry and an environment that leads to corrosion of machines and equipment.

The laundry room is often a part of the living quarters, so low noise and minimum vibration are greatly appreciated. This is assured thanks to our stable washers and dryers with durable constructions and front feet fixations.


Long durability Long durability Long life tests which equate to around 15.000 cycles of professional use include endurance tests at extra high temperatures, leakage and electricity safety tests. Every detail right down to component level is tested.
ECO friendly solutions ECO friendly solutions ASKO Commercial washers and dishwashers are all ECO models and can be connected to a hot water intake. This is ideal when you have an environmentally friendly and economic source of hot water, such as, solar panels or a heat pump.