ASKO - ProCare


A brand is something more than a tag or a word.

ASKO Pro Care
It is something that instills confidence in the goods or service we choose to invest in. Without a brand goods or services are all the same, they can be emulated and copied by others.The ASKO brand believes you should feel secure that you have invested in something that is not only manufactured to the highest standards, but also makes you feel assured. 

ASKO offers all our customers a 5 year warranty on our Pro Series™ range; this of course is like having an insurance policy, which protects you against something going wrong. At ASKO we think this is only one part of our offer. In conjunction with this warranty we have introduced ProCare™ for orders of at least two Pro Series™ products. 

ProCare™ is our health check-up, we make sure your Pro Series™ kitchen appliances are working to their full potential and come to your home to show you how to use your Pro Series™ kitchen appliances. ProCare™ is our way of thanking you for investing in our brand and to make sure you feel 100% satisfied with your investment. As we understand the kitchen is where a household creates its magic and we want to feel part of the magic.