ASKO - Foods your steam oven can cook better

Foods your steam oven can cook better

Adam Liaw - Foods Your Steam Oven Can Cook Better

If you’ve just gotten a new steam oven and you're wondering how that can improve your cooking, here are six dishes that a steam oven cooks better than how you might've done them before. 
First up, eggs. There are two really great functions for cooking eggs in your steam oven. Firstly, sous-vide. You can get your temperature precise to the exact degree for really great textures in your egg dishes. Secondly, the ordinary steam. Rather than boiling your eggs for breakfast, try steaming them. Eight to 10 minutes for a hard-boiled egg, around 6 minutes for a soft-boiled egg, and it can even do it for a whole crowd and it's perfect every time.
Next up, chicken. If you're used to microwaving, frying, or baking chicken breasts for use in salads or sandwiches, try them in a steam oven. Steam them for about eight minutes and you're going to have a really delicious chicken breast.
Vegetables. You don't have to use a lot of oil or salt to get really delicious steamed vegetables, just put them into the tray, rack them in the oven, press the button and let it go. 
Desserts are also great in a steam oven. Something like a creme caramel, you might be used to baking in a water bar, but you don't need that with a steam oven. You can just get even heat with the power of steam. 
I love steamed fish, but the big problem I always have is trying to find a fish that can feed my family, but also fit in the bamboo steamer. If you steam the fish in the steam oven though, you can steam any dish and any fish that fits in the oven. 
And finally, everybody's favourite, roast chicken. We do this at least once a week. But you might be thinking, "How can a steam oven cook a good roast chicken?" Well actually, if you steam the chicken first, it's going to be really nice and tender, and then with the combi function, you remove the steam and you get really crispy brown skin, and it's going to be a perfect roast chicken. 
The steam oven isn't just for steamed vegetables. Have a play with it and see what you can do, because I think you'll find it really does improve your cooking.